At YYCDP we pride ourselves in our educated and motivated faculty. We have high expectations for our dancers as well as our faculty. Teachers are continually learning and adapting to the ever changing dance industry. 

Tanja Rosner- Artistic Director and YYC Dance Educator- B.Ed Majoring in Dance

Lara VanBelleghen - YYC Dance Educator and Technique Specialist

Mary Armstrong- Contemporary , Jazz and Lyrical Educator and Choreographer

Miss Olaksandra- Head of YYC Ballet Program and YAGP Coach

Aram Manukyan - Ballet Educator and Private Coach


On top of our regular faculty we bring in many choreographers and choreographers to work with our dancers. Below are some of the master teachers we have brought in.

- Danny Lawn, Stacey Tookey, Gene Gabriel, Travis Wall, Teddy Forance, Megan Lawson, Channing Cook, Michelle Dawley, Jen Stafford, Jessie Riley, Bree Wasylenko, Sarah Brinson, Amy Gardner, Chantel Aguirre, Jamie Goodwin, Adrian Lee, Andrew Winghart, Blake McGrath, Krista Miller, Kristen Carcone, Thomas Colford, Scott  McCabe, Alexa Moffett,  Molly Long, Darren Lacey and many more!

Our faculty also extends with access to the School of Alberta Ballet  expertise. Faculty of SAB are always willing to work with our dancers and teachers. Access to physiotherapists, massage therapy, acupuncture and the school dance store all create a professional and educational dance program.