National and International Overall Awards:


Jade Marion- Force Dance Tour 2019 Assistant- 2018/19

Beatsquad Members 2018- Bella Klassen, Tate McRae, Alexis DeLucas, Sofia Carriere, Jade Marion, Shaelene Standing, Emily Armstrong

Tate McRae- Teen Best Dancer The Dance Awards- 2018

Autumn Thom- Elite Pulse Protege- 2018/19

Taryn Miller- YAGP Regional 2nd Contemporary and 3rd Place Classical- YAGP Finals 2017

Beatsquad Members 2017- Tate McRae, Bella Klassen, Peyton MacDonald

Bella Klassen- Junior Best Dancer- Dance Awards Orlando 2017

Alexis Delucas, Briana Del Mundo, Peyton MacDonald- Top 10 The Dance Awards Vegas- 2017

Sarah Stephen- Top 20 Radix 2017

Peyton MacDonald- All Star Dancer VIP Dance Events 2017

Gretta Briceno- Pro Revel Assistant- 2017

Bella Klassen- YAGP- Top 10 Classical 2016

Tate McRae- YAGP- 1st Place Contemporary 2016

Taryn Miller - YAGP- 2nd Place Contemporary 2016 

Beatsquad Members 2016- Bella Klassen, Tate McRae

Alexis DeLucas and Bella Klassen- All Star Dancer  VIP Dance Events 2016..

Tate McRae- So You Think You Can Dance Season 13- 2nd Runner Up

Tate McRae- Junior Best Dancer at The Dance Awards in NYC 2015.

Bella Klassen- Mini 1st Runner Up Best Dancer at the Dance Awards in NYC 2015 and 2016.

Peyton MacDonald - Mini  2nd Runner Up Best Dancer at the Dance Awards in Vegas 2015.

Bella Klassen- 3rd Runner Up at NYCDA Nationals in NYC 2015.

Tate McRae- Silver Medal at the Youth American Grand Prix Finals in NYC 2015.